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      This is always the topic that interests me most - how much money did you spend on that??

     I've never really understood why people are so reluctant to talk about money. It's so frustrating to be reading about how someone did something and have no idea if what they did is within your own personal financial ability. "How much did they spend on each part?" "What could you do without to save a chunk of change?" "Wow $0.99 on cabinet hinges adds up quick!" It's nice to have an idea how things will add up as you get started on your project, so you're not in the middle and suddenly realize your bank account is empty.

     So here's what I've done; I kept all my receipts from the entire build - from buying the van itself, down to each box of nails I bought. Once I finished the build, and now have been living in it the last two weeks, finalizing my last purchases, etc. I categorized all the items on the receipts and added them all up for you. You'll notice that I calculated the tax at the end for almost all the items, because I had to separate the purchase into categories and also because I omitted purchases like dried pineapple chunks which got me through some of my hangry moods, but may not be on your own 'To Buy' essentials list. So without further ado;

Financial Rundown final.jpg
Financial Rundown final.jpg

     So all in all my total build came out to just above 6k - and that's including non-essentials like cutting boards, water jugs, etc. Taking the non-essentials out brings it to under six thousand! Additionally I'd bought a truck that came with a TON of metal junk in it, so I spent $734 just uninstalling that, which brought the total up quite a bit as well.

      I hope this was helpful! If I've made any mistakes don't hesitate to point them out, and if you have any questions feel free to ask - just write them in the comment box below. I'll try my best to answer them or use them in a future topic. (:

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